Enterprise Merchant Accounts

Are you struggling with MLM merchant account issues like freezes, holds, or shutdowns? Get the fastest, safest way to process payments with Creditly.

Accept Payments Today

Custom Integrations

Our straightforward APIs, SDKs, and support team break down customer integrations into a simple, systematic experience. Tough enough to handle the most elaborate solutions.

Enterprise Pricing

Enterprise merchant accounts are able to access pricing that others can’t. If your volume has reached a certain threshold, we’ll work with you on a custom quote.

Certified Specialists

Our certified payment specialists are the highest designation in the payments field. They’ve worked through the challenge you’re having, many times.

Worldwide Payments

Accept payments from any country and allow customers to accept payments in their local currency.

Custom enterprise payment solutions to tackle real world challenges

Our Enterprise Payment Solutions are designed to be fully customizable, to fit the exact need of the individual business.  The size and makeup of your internal interaction with payments (employees) and your client-facing solutions play a huge role in the option that will be right for you.

Understanding the fundamentals of an Enterprise Company’s offerings, operations and objects is at the core of every solution we build.

We make things look easy.

Pricing designed specifically for enterprise

Interchange Plus Pricing is a given.

The most aggressive pricing you’ve seen is a given.

But Creditly goes SO far beyond that.

How your business is categorized and how you’re accepting payments has a LOT to do with the actual cost behind your transactions.

On an ongoing basis, we’ll go through your payments to find out what card categories are most common.  We’ll work to find ways to reduce the cost of those specific categories.  This all starts with your initial assessment.

Ongoing analysis is the RIGHT way to manage your cost.

Creditly helped us get access to a payment processor when others could not. They were super helpful and got us up and running faster than expected. Highly recommended!

Joseph Dubois


We needed access to multiple processors, and Creditly delivered. It's good to know we have a partner that will stand behind us as we grow and expand our locations.

Jody Martinez

SAS & Travel

Our high risk business needed help after Stipe held up payments. Creditly got us approved. I'll never go back to using Stripe or PayPal.

Neil Oliver

Ecommerce Health

Creditly Offers Access To All These Features

Transaction Routing – We’ll automatically route your transactions across multiple accounts. That way if anything ever happens to one, your others are still up and running.

White Glove Service – You’ll have a dedicated point of contact that you can reach any time you need them.

Decline Recovery – We’ll help you improve your approval ratios and reduce decline rates. That way, you put more cash back in your pocket and process more payments.

Chargeback Mitigation – Stop chargebacks before they begin with. our chargeback alert system. Greatly lower account issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Hosted Checkout – Quickly create checkout links and landing pages with a few clicks. Email them, DM them, or text them to your clients for payments on the fly.

Recurring Billing – Built-in recurring billing for subscription purchases with multiple payment options available

Mobile Payments – Process payments on the go with our easy to use mobile payment solution

250+ Integrations – Integration to nearly every shopping cart, plus we integrate to most apps and software. If you need something specific, our in-house development team will make it happen. 

Banking For Nearly Every Vertical – We offer merchant accounts for almost every vertical, including high risk merchant accounts and much more. Get approved today.

Unlimited High Ticket – Worry free processing of high ticket transactions and high volume.


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Merchant Accounts FAQ

If you want to know more about payments, pricing, or solutions to problems you are experiencing, we are always ready to help you.

“High Risk” is a banking industry term. It’s important to note that there are many business models that are seemingly low risk, but fall into the high risk category.

There is nothing wrong with being considered high risk and there are many factors that contribute to risk.

When a consumer buys an item with a credit card, they are given 6 months from the date of receiving the item to dispute the charge.

If your business is no longer operating, who do you think has to refund that money? The processor. This is where risk is created.

Certain businesses, marketing models, and industries have a higher rate of chargebacks, where they get labeled as high risk.

Even if your business is perfect, has never had a chargeback, and operates 100% “by the books”, you could be labeled high risk if you’re business or industry falls into a high risk category.

There are 3 main reasons a business can be considered high risk.

  1. The business has a greater chance of chargebacks occurring
  2. The business model may be new or legally regulated
  3. The business accepts a high number of card not present transactions (over the phone, email, eCommerce)

In addition to the US and Canada, we also offer EU payment processing.

We have worked with many new brands and start-ups to get them approved and running. However, banks like to see a long history of transactions and an established history with a merchant before approving them.

But, that does not mean we can’t get you approved. Reach out to us today and we will walk you through your options.

Once all of the necessary documents have been received, it typically takes 1-4 days to get approved.

Occasionally accounts can be approved in less than 24 hours, our team will work as quickly as possible to get your account up and running.

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