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Are You Struggling with Auctions merchant account issues like freezes, holds, or shutdowns? Get the fastest safest way to process payments with Creditly.

Accept Auctions Payments TODAY!

If your merchant account was shut down today and you could no longer accept credit cards, how long could you keep the doors open?

Everyday basic payment facilitators and companies like Stripe, PayPal, Square, Shopify, etc. Shut down thousands of accounts.

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll get shut down, but WHEN…

If your provider held your money for 90 days would you survive?

If they placed a 10% hold on your account, could you make payroll?

It’s time to upgrade to Creditly.

Creditly helped us get access to a payment processor when others could not. They were super helpful and got us up and running faster than expected. Highly recommended!

Joseph Dubois


We needed access to multiple processors, and Creditly delivered. It's good to know we have a partner that will stand behind us as we grow and expand our locations.

Jody Martinez

SAS & Travel

Our high risk business needed help after Stipe held up payments. Creditly got us approved. I'll never go back to using Stripe or PayPal.

Neil Oliver

Ecommerce Health

How Creditly Can Help Your Business


If you are a high risk merchant, finding a high risk credit card processing solution is essential for keeping your business running smoothly. Merchants in the auction industry can have a very difficult time finding the right payment processor. At Creditly, we know how overwhelming merchant processing can be. We are here to help you find the right high risk action merchant account solution so you can process payments with ease and get your business on the road to success.


Auctions have existed for centuries, but online auctions have only been around for a couple of decades. Auctions might sell collectibles, or in the case of eBay and other popular sites, virtually anything under the sun. Those are just the consumer to consumer auctions. Other types of auctions include business to business and business to consumer model. Besides online auctions, businesses might provide auction services for charitable events. At these live auctions, winning bidders usually pay with credit cards, so payment processing is necessary.


Many small businesses sell products on eBay and other well-known online auction sites. They may see these sales as basic eCommerce, but that is not how traditional payment processors see them. Instead, they view these businesses as opportunities for scammers and credit card fraud. Keep in mind it is the potential clients who are seen as more likely to commit fraud, not the business per se.

If your business conducts online auctions or even live auctions, you will need an auctions merchant account. An auctions merchants account allows you to accept credit card bids. When the auction is complete, the funds are deposited into your bank account. Let’s face it –the inability to process credit or debit card bids on your auction items means you cannot run your business. There are few other payment options available.

Unfortunately, the nature of an online auction means the business is considered a high-risk merchant by banks. Such businesses are considered high risk for credit card processing and high risk for payment processing. Because of these risk factors, it is difficult for many businesses to find auction merchant services. If they do find them, the fees and rates are significantly higher than a business considered lower-risk would have to pay.

While such businesses can go with a large-scale aggregator, such as Stripe and Paypal, to provide services, the odds of their payment processor suddenly shutting down their accounts and freezing their funds are high. They are so high, in fact, that for most auction merchants it is simply a matter of when such a devastating event occurs, not if.


Payment processors shut down auctions merchant accounts all the time, and the reason usually involves the processor not understanding the nature of the business. That is because very few, if any, merchant account providers provide underwriting services.

Perhaps you’ve already had a negative experience from a company such as Stripe, PayPal or Square, to name a couple of prime payment processor examples. Because these household-name companies do not underwrite, all of their customers share a giant merchant account.

The lack of underwriting means these companies can provide merchant account services to anyone who applies. However, if anything they consider a risk factor, appears on your account, their first instinct is to close your account or freeze your funds.

The bottom line is that if you are a high-risk merchant, you need a merchant services provider that not only understands the nature of your business but underwrites your business.


At Creditly we understand something that these providers do not. We understand that it is in your best interest to pair you up with a high risk merchant account providers that take the time to know who you are and understand your business. We also understand the fact that your auctions business is your life and you depend on it to feed your family, pay the bills, compensate your employees, etc…

If your auction merchant account is shut down, the fate of your responsibilities hangs in the balance and it can leave you feeling helpless. If this has happened to you, the good news is that you are on the first step to never worry about this again. Creditly is the complete solution to your high risk credit card processing needs. We can get you set up with a provider that wants to work with you and a new high risk auctions merchant account that suits your needs in as little as 2 days!


If you need a credit card processing solution for your auctions business, Creditly has got you covered. We’re here to make things easier! Establishing a stable auction merchant account is quick and easy with Creditly’s online application. After the quick online application, our New Client Specialists will finalize your auction merchant account.


All Merchant account providers worry about their liability when it comes to working with any business. They do not want to be responsible for chargebacks, disputes, and fraud. A chargeback/dispute is when a consumer goes to their bank and tells them they want their money back for a purchase. What usually happens is their bank gives the consumer their money back but the merchant is responsible for repaying it. However, if the merchant is out of business or does not have the funds to do this, the merchant account provider becomes responsible for paying back the disputed transaction. The industries that are more likely to encounter this are then classified as high-risk industries.

Now, take into account the fact that a lot of these industries are in the e-commerce space and need to process card not present (CNP) transactions. The likelihood of fraud is much higher for these types of transactions. Slowly, you start to realize why providers need to reduce their liability. Most merchant account providers do this by implementing a hold or reserve to ensure that they have some of the high-risk merchant’s money stashed away in case of these events. On the other hand, some providers will just shut down or freeze your account, stopping your ability to process payments or access your money.


“Being considered “high risk can slightly affect your ability to get an auctions merchant account because there are many merchant account providers that refuse to work with high risk businesses. But, where it really can hurt you is if you choose the wrong payment processor because that leads to problems like holds, freezes and shut downs.

To avoid this you need to look for a high risk merchant account provider that takes the time to underwrite your business so they understand your business model and want to work with you. That way, nothing is a surprise, and they have no reason to hold, freeze or shut down accounts. Luckily, Creditly makes this as easy as possible by applying, on your behalf, to merchant account providers that want to work with high-risk businesses.


At Creditly, we leverage our relationships with high-risk merchant account providers to find the perfect high-risk merchant account for each of our clients. We handle the set-up for you, all while giving valuable business advice and strategy, such as tips to reduce chargebacks. Creditly provides insurance for your revenue stream by setting you up with multiple merchant accounts. We load all of your merchant accounts into our state-of-the-art online payment gateway that will automatically distribute your sales across them in a process we call “transaction routing”. This way, if one of your accounts were to shut down, you automatically have accounts up and running to take its place.

The EPD Gateway includes patent-pending technology such as fraud scrubbing, Quickbooks integration, and the ability to ban customers by their IP, card number, or other criteria. You can also do your online and mobile reporting in one place. Creditly will assign you your very own Certified Payment Specialist that will monitor your accounts for you and give you one point of contact for all merchant services.

Creditly helps with access to an auction merchant processing by ensuring that merchant account providers will never shut down or freeze your account. An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure, which Creditly provides. We set your system up correctly for you from the beginning.

Why Creditly?

There’s a reason Creditly is the leading provider of high-risk merchant accounting and processing. We’ve been in business helping business owners and entrepreneurs with a strong track record. Currently, our platform serves more than 60,000 clients.

Creditly educates our clients regarding their risks and provides merchant account processing to high-risk businesses in many industries. We keep their payments processing uninterrupted and their businesses secure. 


We can help you find a high-risk merchant account with a provider understanding the critical need to underwrite your business. At Easy Pay Direct, we work with many lenders and processors who understand the needs of high-risk businesses and match your business up with the appropriate parties. Check out some of our testimonials.

Our system is designed to make online payments as secure and simple as possible. Since we offer secure information storage, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your data. You also receive a certified payment specialist assigned to work specifically with your business.

We offer a special feature known as transaction routing. This allows a business to automatically distribute their sales volume across multiple merchant accounts. That way if one of your accounts has an unforeseen issue, then you have others ones up and running. Just one more layer of protection!

Getting started with Creditly is easy. All you have to do is fill out our application or call us at: (877)307-7711

Auctions Merchant Account FAQ

Yes, if you want to accept credit card payments for items sold at auction, you will need to set up an auctions merchant account.

Obtaining an auctions merchant account may be more challenging compared to a regular merchant account, as auctions are considered a high-risk industry due to the potential for chargebacks and disputes. However, as long as you have a well-established business and can demonstrate a good credit history, it is possible to get approved.

There may be additional fees associated with an auctions merchant account, such as higher processing fees or a higher monthly account fee, to cover the additional risk associated with the industry.

Technically, you can use a regular merchant account for your auction business. However, you may be at risk of having your account suspended or terminated if you do not disclose that you are operating an auction business. It is always best to be upfront with your merchant account provider about the nature of your business.

To set up an auctions merchant account, you will need to apply with a merchant account provider and provide documentation about your business, such as your business license and credit history. The provider will review your application and determine whether to approve you for an account.

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Merchant Accounts FAQ

If you want to know more about payments, pricing, or solutions to problems you are experiencing, we are always ready to help you.

Creditly specializes in high-risk payment processing but we also work with mid-risk and low risk companies.

Here is a short list of some business verticals we service:

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Apparel & Clothing
  • Bad Credit
  • Bus Lines
  • Cannabis Support Businesses
  • Caterers
  • CBD Oil & CBD Products
  • Continuity Products and Subscription Boxes
  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Debt Collection
  • Digital Streaming
  • Document Preparation
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Furniture & Home Furnishings
  • Health & Beauty
  • Hotels & Lodging
  • Insurance / Warranty
  • Legal Services
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Medical Supplies
  • Membership & Recurring Billing
  • MLM Companies
  • Transportation & Moving
  • Non-Profit
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pawnbrokers & Pawn Shops
  • Pet Products
  • Precious Metals
  • Property Management
  • SaaS Companies
  • Seminars & Coaching
  • SEO / SEM / Ad Agency
  • Smoking Accessories
  • Sports Betting
  • Survivalist & Tactical Gear
  • Telemedicine
  • Tobacco & Cigar
  • Travel & Timeshare
  • Vape / e-Cig / eJuice
  • Veterinarians
  • Web Design & Development

“High Risk” is a banking industry term. It’s important to note that there are many business models that are seemingly low risk, but fall into the high risk category.

There is nothing wrong with being considered high risk and there are many factors that contribute to risk.

When a consumer buys an item with a credit card, they are given 6 months from the date of receiving the item to dispute the charge.

If your business is no longer operating, who do you think has to refund that money? The processor. This is where risk is created.

Certain businesses, marketing models, and industries have a higher rate of chargebacks, where they get labeled as high risk.

Even if your business is perfect, has never had a chargeback, and operates 100% “by the books”, you could be labeled high risk if you’re business or industry falls into a high risk category.

There are 3 main reasons a business can be considered high risk.

  1. The business has a greater chance of chargebacks occurring
  2. The business model may be new or legally regulated
  3. The business accepts a high number of card not present transactions (over the phone, email, eCommerce)

At this time Creditly offers merchant account services for the USA and Canada. We are always working to expand our areas of processing and hope to serve a greater area in the near future.

We have worked with many new brands and start-ups to get them approved and running. However, banks like to see a long history of transactions and an established history with a merchant before approving them.

But, that does not mean we can’t get you approved. Reach out to us today and we will walk you through your options.

Once all of the necessary documents have been received, it typically takes 1-4 days to get approved.

Occasionally accounts can be approved in less than 24 hours, our team will work as quickly as possible to get your account up and running.

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